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What is Yoga?


Yoga in it's truest meaning is not like aerobics or any gym activity, but it is a lifestyle. Yoga means union, a true union of mind, body and spirit. This union creates a conscious lifestyle. When the body, mind, and spirit are fully conscious it is enlightening in a most powerful way.

The yoga practiced in this class will include gentle stretches and postures known as asanas. These poses are known to assist in increasing flexibility and promoting a sense of well being. Yoga practice is a known stress reducer and a fat reducer. Yoga has so many positive side effects and can be thought of as a comprehensive therapy.

Janna first began yoga in 1989, but became serious about it in 1994. She has been fortunate to train with many of the finest, well known yoga teachers in numerous workshops. She is anxious to share her experiences in hopes that others will feel the many benefits of yoga.

Sherri began teaching fitness in 1987 and holds several certifications. After a car accident, she began taking yoga to heal her back injury. As she also wanted to share the benefits of yoga she began teaching it and became certified.


Whatever the concern is, it is very likey that yoga will help.